Website Resources To Technology for Teachers & Pinterest

Technology being all around us we don’t have to go very far to find resources to help us in our everyday job. As future teachers multiple websites are available to us. While browsing online I found a website with multiple useful links to education and teaching related websites, where full of tools are available for teachers to improve their teaching, their classroom environment and their everyday activities. In this vast list there was one that got my attention: Edudemic. This website connects education and technology for teachers. This site is particularly interesting for his guide section. In this section a selection of guides to technology is available for teachers. The most popular resources are available summarized for all. These guides are easy to read, easy to use and easy to share.

Here are the guides currently available for all of you teachers and future teachers: 

 This website always posts more guide, therefore stay updated for more guides!


The quick Teacher’s guide to Pinterest is the one I enjoyed the most. Pinterest being one of my favourite applications I liked seeing how I could coordinate my love for this application to incorporate it in my teaching lessons. Pinterest is a very popular application and from March 2011 to March 2012, Pinterest unique visitors grew by 4,377%.


How to pin?


1.    Sign up (for free)

2.    Create your profile (Username, password, profile picture)

3.    Install a Pin button (To be able to pin things you see on the internet)

4.    Add a Pin (Click on Pin it button on your on your bookmark bar)

5.    Create a new board (Click on ‘’Add +’’ in the upper right-hand corner of your main Pinterest page)

6.    Repin from feed (If you see something relevant for your students you can click on repin and it will save to one of your board)

7.    Like and comment (Click on like under the Pin and comment in the comment section)

8.    Upload a pin (Use the upload feature at the same place to create a new board on ‘’Add +’’)

For more information you can always refer to the Pinterest help center. 



Why Pin? 


There are a large amount of options available for teachers on this application. On this great tool you can share quotes of inspiration that you can share with students to relate to what is seen in class or the news of the moment. You can share or read on reading materials. Visual boards are available to accompany specific reading lists. You can create boards and share them with your students with specific pins that you want them to see. Pinterest is also a great place to show student work. Boards are available for teachers to show their students work. This is a great source of motivation for a student. Knowing that others will see your work gives values to their work and students enjoy it a lot. They can go home and show their friends and family what they have done and shared online. It is important to not that according to Pinterest Terms of Service, parental involvement is a must for students under 13. Keep that in mind if you are teaching to younger kids.


Education-related fun facts about Pinterest 

There are over 350 boards titled ‘’lesson plans’

There are over 400 boards with the keyword ‘’classroom’’

There are over 450 boards with the keyword ‘’teacher’’


Those numbers clearly shows us that Pinterest is a tool with multiple resources that can inspire us in our teaching. 


Pinterest is just great a great tool to use in a classroom to promote the use of technology. As we’ve seen in class, the use of the same technology all the time will not motivate students. This is why it is important to have variety in the tools we’re using as teachers. Therefore, if you want to experience change and have your students experience something new you can you this free application available to the public. You’ll be able to show students work, rather than talk about it. You’ll reach a wider audience with this tool and you’ll be able to connect with other educators and students. If you don’t want to use this tool in your classroom you can always refer to it outside of class to inspire yourself for new activities ideas to make your teaching always more interesting. The multiple resources available on Pinterest will encourage student’s participation. It is important to always have diversity in our classes and Pinterest is definetly a resource that will inspire diversity in your teaching. 




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