Using the Ipad in the Classroom

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In the 1980’s computers  revolutionized radically the way we teach today. Teachers now carry on their classes in a different way than before. In the 2000’s it was now iPads that are taking over in classrooms. Ipads not only improve teaching, but it has potential to change the learning in school. Teachers need to be ready to adjust their teaching for this new revolution because it will be a great tool to help them though out the years. I have myself pus ached an iPad for the purpose of teaching. Realizing last summer that most of the teachers I knew were using this tool. I decided to purchase one and it has already help me in my stage.

Here are few options I found that can help future or current teachers carry on their activity in and outside of the class 🙂 :


There are many thing you can do with an Ipad in class. One useful tool that I have been able to use in my stage is the  AirDrop option. With AirDrop, you can share photos, videos, websites, locations, and more with other nearby iOS 7 devices.

Teacher’s notes

Teacher’s notes is an application available on the Ipad in which teacher’s can take notes, photos, videos and music. What is wonderful about this application is that you can easily take notes without limits. You have the possibility to sort those notes per student. This helps organize ourselves with the many notes and comment we need to take throughout the school year. Taking notes is something important for a teacher. To take notes regular helps you communicate clearly with parents during parents night or even during special cases that you will have in certain groups. The difference between this application and papers is that you can’t loose it. Papers are easily displaceable, whereas you can’t really loose an application.

Lesson Sharing

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Sharing lessons can be done easily with an iPad. Even for unexperienced technology teachers, sharing lessons can be done with few clicks. You have the possibility to share lessons online. To get lesson ideas to do with an iPad you can always browse tools has Pinterest. Sometimes we don’t have ideas on lessons to carry on with certain themes. Thus, this link is a great help to brainstorm and get new ideas on lessons. Kids will simply love it!

Smart Notebook App for the Ipad

The reality of these days confronts us to Smart Boards. This is something I spoke about in a past blog. If you scroll down you’ll be able to see my opinion and comments on it. Smart Board is a great tool that we use a lot during all of our classes as future teachers. To have an application for the iPad is very good. It helps us synchronie our Smart Board lessons with the iPad to show it to all students in the classroom. An iPad being less heavy then most computer, this helps teachers carry around something lightweight with them having the same possibilities then their computers.  This Smart Board and iPad collaboration helps teachers personalize their lessons and gives the possibility to students to collaborate asynchronously and show the content of their iPad on the Smart Board. For example, you can have students work on an oral presentation and in few clicks they can share the document in front of the group. This makes the orals and the lessons much more interactive and most students will be glad to learn a second language in this interactive way. The application isn’t expensive at all. For a little 6,99$ you could be working with a great application that will make your lessons much more fun!

iPads & Education 

Teachers around the world are using iPad to transform their classrooms.  I found online on the Apple website a section to learn about different teachers experiences and practical tips on how iPad. They let us know on how we can help our students reach lessons goals and teaching lessons in entirely new ways. Those articles written by teachers all the United-States. Sharing their thoughts on specific information on the iPad helps us see the variety of things we can do with it.

In this section you will find help on how to:

  • Customized iPad for different learners.
  • Create multimedia
  • Organize and deliver your course with the iPad
  • Create your own interactive book.

If you haven’t already tried this great tool I suggest you go to your nearest Apple location and go try out this golden tool.


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