A simple technology for the terrified teacher


There are a few options for educational videos these days. As teachers we can also refer ourselves to YouTube  and TEDed, which launched recently. TEDed is a tool and a ressource that offers visual videos made by teachers and animators.

As teachers the importance of information on the news and the actuality is mandatory. As we know the best way to introduce cultural information in our ESL classes generation is videos. It is important, as a teacher, to find the right videos. Sharing content with students can be something tricky at times. You have to go on Google or on Youtube and filter videos that you could maybe use in class. Thus, a website that provides you educational videos like TEDed is a great resource for teachers.



Something very interesting about the website is it’s section for lessons. Teachers can browse throughout the hundred of lessons offered.

Multiple categories are available for all types of activities. Here are the categories available to you teachers:


  • To  introduce plural with a short video: Click here.
  • Who invented writing: Click here.
  • How to build a fictional world: Click here.
  • A video for Halloween week about Vampires and Folklore: Click Here.
  • Literature vocabulary: What makes a hero?: Click here.
  • BASICALLY: Use it to introduce subjects, use it for an extra activity, use it for the last 5 minutes of your friday afternoon for the general culture of the kids!!! Think & Share 🙂 You don’t have to use it as you would use a student book in your classroom, but use it for diversity and change in your classroom. Kids will love it!


And more…You can actually browse and watch so many videos that are interactive for students to.  This is a good use of technology in a classroom and enables you tu introduce a subject that isn’t always appealing to kids like literature, writing and plural. By introducing the lesson with a video it is easy to start a little activity and a discussion afterwards.

Those are the lessons available to you. But know that TEDed is a tool that can help you build lesson plans. You can start with any subject based on the videos you have seen.

Can’t make up your mind on if you should use this ressource or not? Here is more helpful info that could help you! This is a supplement ressource to our teaching. If you don’t want to watch the videos during classes. You can give assignments or even homework on one of the videos. This can practice students listening and reading. As a teacher you could build small questionnaires based on videos and pass them to your group as assignment.

Those are few of the ideas you can use this ressource for. There are much more possibilities. To know all of them I would strongly invite you to watch this little video which gives you a website tour of the website and of it’s many possibilities.

While browsing online I also found a very interesting article on a teacher that created a lesson on TEded which generated 169,000 views. This is just incredible.


Something that I hadn’t think of is that Teded is only good for watching or listening. In this article, the person is saying that ”And much of what we have called “lessons” over the decades really aren’t lessons at all — they are consumables. They are short narratives consumed by students who are then asked to fill in bubbles that demonstrate that the student either was paying a modicum of attention or that the student has good natural deductive skills in parsing the quiz-maker’s craft.”

Therefore, what they are saying mostly about the tool is that lessons are worth sharing, but they cannot be the only way to teach because it isn’t complete.


I totally agree with this article and I am happy I came across it. Again, we are looking at tools. Thus, they cannot be the only way to teach in our classrooms, but they are a fun way to come and complement a lesson or get ideas for projects and etc. The way I see it is that tools are there to help you in your teacher. You take the good and you let the negative sides aside. Therefore, having a small and short video every once in a while to introduce a subject or give links to students in order to help them with extra information for a project could be a good use of this tool. We never have enough complementary help. Let’s make the best out of it.


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