First, what is Tellagami? 

Tellegami is an application available for free in the APP store(You can also find it for Android’s). Tellegami allows you to create customized animated scenes in a matter of minutes.

What does the tool do? 

It allows you to create small animated videos. It is a fun way to tell a story. In education it is a fun way to have student’s create something using technology.

Why do I agree it’s a great tool for education? 

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 17.22.35

I created myself in Tellegami

I downloaded the application and I was really amazed by how easy it works. It is perfect for young student’s in elementary school. First, they can create their character (hair, eyes, clothes, skin color). Second, you can create the background. You have the possibility to take a picture (like I did in the example), you can take a picture in your gallery or some of the background pictures offered in the application. After, you can record or type what your characters are going to say. When your product is down you can choose the voice and preview your recording. Final step you share it! The only thing I found unfortunate with the application is that you can only record for 30 seconds and that makes it very short. Thus, you have to make sure that what you’re asking your student’s is short to resume in a Tellagami.

Another important point is the fact that we always have to keep our student’s motivated. With a project like that incorporating a technology and animation is something they will relate to. With that animation you have unlimited possibility to create multiple projects or multiple subjects.

photo 1

Create your character

photo 3

Create what they will say and choose the voice of your character

What you can do with Tellagami with your students? 

The tool gives you the opportunity to create characters and have them narrate. You can re-create scenes of a play, a book or even a movie. Thus, student’s will have to notice important information about places, characters and events and have to reinvest it in the Tellagami. It’s a fun way to resume something seen in class or assigned in a homework.


More ideas for Tellagami in your classroom: Click here

How students can share them? 

  • SMS

What other teachers say about Tellagami? 

While browsing online I agreed with other people who tried the information. It is a way for shy student’s to express themselves with the writing competency. It was said online : ”the opportunity to separate themselves from the physical world, removing concerns about appearance and general physics”. I agree with this. The student’s in your groups that are usually introverted will shine with animations like that. We can all think of the gamers in our groups. This kind of activity gives them a real chance in expressing themselves on a chosen subject. Also, this is something they can work on at home. Therefore, if they don’t like their initial product they can always modify it for them to be proud of sharing it with their classmates. What I found the most on the internet about that application is that it’s easy! This is what makes it a great tool!

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Other great links to find Tellagami for English teaching: 

Examples of Tellagami

Step by step tutorial



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