ClassDojo for Teachers



What is ClassDojo? 

ClassDojo is  an easy classroom tool to help teachers improve and manage their students behaviour. With ClassDojo you can every class note your students on your behaviours and everything is tracked in your account. Thus, you can have all the data that you saved and see follow ups of your students. 

How does ClassDojo works? 

First, you create an account with an email address and your name and you select the school you work at. 

Second, click on demo class to familiarize yourself with the tool.

Third, you create your own classroom(by creating each and every student in it). 

Fourth, you use the tool each classes and when your class is done you click on end the class to get the summary of everything. 

Fifth, you look at the reports it gives you and you take a look at them with your students or with their parents. (You can even create points with awards for them in order to motivate them to good behaviour)


How can you use it in your classroom? 

  • Take attendances 


  • Play videos for your students
  • Timer (Doing  cooperative learning activities, you time manager can take a look at the ClassDojo timer)
  • Instantly reinforce good behaviour (You can track it down and see the evolution of each of them, this is great for whenever parent’s night come you can actually show the tracking of the student’s to their parents)
  • Award your students (Individually or all at the same time-This could be a good point system to earn points for in class prizes) 
  • Communicate with parents or with other teachers
  • Have a full view of your class behaviours 



To note you can customize all the options the way you like it. 

What do people have to say about it? 

Being a great tool I found a lot of great comments on it. One that I liked particularly is from a teacher that ClassDojo made her teaching easier. What was more important about what she said was the kids reaction to the application. She used the tool in order for kids to earn points for in class rewards. She used to deal with those paper coupons, but now with ClassDojo she as a system that she doesn’t need those anything. Also, the kids can use it so it’s less work for teachers. Kids love technology, thus they are use to working with tools and applications. ClassDojo is just one for a school environment they get the chance to work with. 


Another article I read said the same thing. What is amazing about the tool is the students reaction. Finding new tools and applications are for the student’s benefit. Thus, to have them enjoy it is just awesome. 

Want some for opinions on the tool? Click here.

What do I have to say about it? 

Teachers love ClassDojo and after creating an account and playing around the tool I have to say I love it too. These little characters are so cute and so easy to use. It’s a a great way to do positive reinforcement in a classroom. 

I like the fact that an easy tool like that can be use to reinforce student’s good behaviour. I also like the attendance page. It’s a fun way to take the attendances. What I liked about the tool is when you register they give you a demo class that you can play around with to familiarize yourself with. 



Another interesting thing about ClassDojo is the fact you can use it from any intelligent device, computer or tablet.

& the most important point it’s FREE, it won’t ask you to pay for all the data storage and everything. 


You can even follow them on twitter to always have updates and comments about the tool. 

The only downside of the tool is that for us English teachers who have a lot of groups it could be time-consuming to create all the classe for the groups that we have. But, maybe it’s just all worth it if our student’s love it and benefit from it. 


Since I have a positive opinion about the tool, I found information for more downsides of it for people who are septic about the tool. Just click here for more info. 


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